About Me

Virginia is a graduate of James Madison University located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. During her tenure at JMU, she studied history and music business, interned for Giggin Artist Development, managed the band Future, and was probably your bartender. Borderline impoverished college conditions in conjunction with a discerning palette led her to her curiosity of the culinary arts.  Making fresh, delicious food at the cheapest cost possible (enough money leftover for a bottle of red wine) grew to be a passion.  And as always, she craved Korean food constantly.

After graduating with an incredibly practical degree in History, she pursued a career in Information Technology with Booz Allen Hamilton. In April of 2010 she left her position as a business analyst to explore more creative avenues (to work for herself). 

She now works for a tech startup Speek. The music that plays in her head is a playlist of Radiohead, The Shins, Wilco, snotty indie rock, and Stevie Wonder. In her free time she borderline hoards dogs, lives the dream and caters private events.